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Spy X Door Alarm

SpyX Door Alarm - Door Monitor That Detects Motion to Protect Your Stuff & Scare Away Intruders. Motion Sensor Alarm for Kids. New Spy Gear Toy Collection. Flexible Cable Fits Any Knobs!
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Spy X Door Alarm
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Manufacturer : Spin Master
Callus: +1 (718) 383-3437
  • Micro Spy Alarm Gear: The door motion sensor that you can hang it on the knob to detect vibrations when someone open the door. The alarm sound will scare your enemy away! Perfect spy gadget to protect your valuables and yourself!
  • 2020 New Spy Toy Gadget: The movement detector kit includes a door alarm. Black and red colors designed; on/off switch, alarm speaker, and flexible cable installed. 2 AAA batteries required.
  • So Easy be a Spy Kid: Hang the alarm device on the door where you want to be alerted; The alarm speaker will make the warning sound and scare intruders away. You will be alarmed when someone secretly enters the room!
  • The Door Alarm Fits Every Knobs: The alarm detector is light and small, and the flexible cable is designed to fit any sizes of door knobs. Simply untied one side of the cable to fit the knob; tie it back to make the alarm hang on the door. Now your room is protected!
  • Popular SpyX Collection: Collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate spy play experience. Prepare yourself for the next mission!